Lisa MacLaggan: Our Fearless Leader

Lisa is our District Leader for Arthur Murray International. While she wears a lot of different hats, Lisa has never lost sight of her roots in dance or her passion for watching students develop. We Love You, Lisa!

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Nicky Bruno – The Shining Star of Arthur Murray Yorkville

The friendly voice on the other end of the phone, Nicky is also the warm smile that greets you as you arrive. As our Student Liaison, Nicky is there to answer any questions you may have regarding your program. Thanks Nicky!

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Have You Met: Valerie Casault, Ballroom Dance Professional

Valerie is truly passionate about teaching. Dancing has changed her life and she can’t wait to change yours too! Whether you have social or competitive goals, She is sure to guide the way!

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Interested in Reading More?

Check out our Arthur Murray Yorkville Blog at for updates, upcoming events, and class info.

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Meet your Dance Director- Stephen Williams

Stephen has been a part of the ballroom world for many years. His competitive dance career has taken him all over the globe, but his true passion lies in inspiring others to take their first steps onto the dance floor.

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Meet Nina Hare, Ballroom Dance Professional

Nina has been an integral part of our team for many years. Her variety and versatility contribute to her success as a teacher, as well as a dancer. Book a class with Nina today before her schedule fills up!

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Why Every Student Can Benefit from a Coaching Lesson

Bob & Julia PowersContrary to popular belief, coaching lessons from guest teachers are not just for the pros. Anyone- from novice dancers to the most advanced- can benefit from one of these lessons. Whether you want to improve your technique and style, musicality, lead and follow skills, grace and poise or your confidence on the dance floor, our coaches can make that happen.

And here’s why:

We bring the most outstanding and qualified dancers in the business to our schools to give our students powerhouse lessons. Many of our coaches have traveled the globe as champions and teachers, and now are bringing all their talents and dance wisdom to you.

For beginners, time with a coach can be spent kick-starting your dancing so you get off on the right foot. If you’re more advanced, a coaching lesson can polish your style and technique to make sure that you can reach your full potential. And couples preparing for a wedding can make sure that their first dance is one to remember. Need an extra boost before Showcase or the New York Dance-o-Rama this month? A coaching lesson is the perfect way to get “in the zone” and prep you for the event by tightening your technique and style so you really sparkle on the dance floor.

Your instructor will also attend the session with you to take it all in so that they can break down all the information the coach gives into bite sized pieces over the next few lessons. You and your teacher will work on the nitty- gritty details of the coach’s suggestions to help you get the most out of your coaching lesson.

Missed this coaching lesson? Book early to make sure you get the spot you want


Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

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Have You Met Brittany Mitchele?

We are proud to announce that Brittany Mitchele has joined our team! The performing arts have always played a huge role in Brittany’s life.  She is making a splash as a Dance Specialist here at Arthur Murray Yorkville! Yay!

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Welcome Nurlan Gallyamov to AM Yorkville!

With many years of ballroom and latin dance experience, Nurlan has a sharp eye for detail and an fun, upbeat personality! Be sure to book him for your next styling lesson!

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Party In Style!

For the month of November, be sure to check the theme for EVERY Wednesday night party! Arthur Murray will be taking you to all of our upcoming dance-o-rama destinations!

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Have You Met: Keivy Lingard?

We are so excited to have Keivy join our AM Yorkville team! With a background in jazz dance and partnering, you’ll be wowed by his choreography!!

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AM Yorkville Dances Down To Cancun, Mexico

The Cancun Dance-O-Rama was a blast! Over 11,000 entries! Ask your instructor about our next trip to the Tropics as Team Yorkville!

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Have You Started Your Team Match Dance yet?

Our Team Match is scheduled for Wednesday February 22nd, 2017! Ask your instructor for more details!

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Toronto’s Premier Ballroom and Latin Dance Event, The Toronto Star Ball is the dance event of the year. Spanning over November 17th & 18th, it CANNOT be missed!


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